The Intelligent Value for Section 16 Filings

Vintage16 is Toppan Vintage’s self-service Section 16 document portal for creating, organizing and filing SEC Forms 3, 4 and 5. Corporate officers, directors, shareholders and firms have total flexibility to submit their Section 16 documents at their convenience or at the last moment, 24/7. Vintage16 is a secure, Web-based solution developed by Toppan Vintage to allow officers, directors, shareholders and firms to create, manage and file Section 16 documents.

Built with intuitive and easy-to-use menus, Vintage16 is a Verisign-authenticated secure site with SSL encryption that allows clients to:

  • File immediately
  • Easily create, preview and transmit EDGAR-formatted forms 3, 4, and 5 directly to the SEC
  • Save time with auto-complete function for forms with Reporting Owner and Issuer profile information
  • Generate Multiple Issuer/Reporting Owner filings
  • Save and re-use drafts and previous submissions
  • Draft, maintain and modify footnotes and exhibits
  • Draft and maintain templates for Power of Attorney
  • Test file to the SEC without any added fees
  • Select a fee structure that matches individual or corporate needs

Vintage16 combines Toppan Vintage’s expertise in EDGAR filing with our endless drive to simplify your filing process, keep you on deadline and rein in overinflated costs. We deliver intelligent value.